Peanut Protein – 250g


Peanut Protein powder is an excellent source of plant-based protein to use post-workout for improved muscle recovery or at mealtime. Great for athletes, seniors or anyone wanting vegan protein options.

Benefits include:

  • High in vitamins and minerals especially phosphorus, folate, copper and magnesium;
  • High in dietary fibre;
  • Contains essential fatty acids;
  • A way to get super plant protein (52%);
  • 100% natural;
  • Gluten free and non GMO; and
  • Suitable for vegans

Ingredients: Organic peanut protein powder, coconut sugar and a dash of salt

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Peanut Protein Powder

This Peanut Protein blend is an excellent plant based powder to supply your body with healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals especially if you’re looking to repair or build muscle.

Besides being a good source of protein and minerals such as phosphorus, folate, copper and magnesium, peanut protein powder also contains leucine that helps athletes to build and repair muscles.

For seniors it’s also great source of protein to help maintain muscle mass and for anyone who wants an all natural plant-based protein with valuable nutrients to go with it.

Ingredients: Organic peanut protein powder, coconut sugar and a dash of salt.

How to use: Add 1 to 2 rounded tablespoons to coconut milk, almond milk or water. Add to smoothies or use it to make desserts.


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