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The Role of the Environment on Our Epigenetics and Health

In this interview Kate Forbes and I speak about epigenetics and how the environment can affect our epigenetics and ultimately our health. Kate is a naturopathic lifestyle coach and part of the work she does with her clients is to explore how environmental factors may be impacting on the body’s ability to restore itself back…

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Moringa: How And Why To Include This Superfood Into Your Diet

Our guest is Karin Russell is a herbalist and natural health consultant. Can you tell me a little about the moringa tree and what makes it so special? Moringa has a great nutrient profile. It’s high in protein, with 18 amino acids (including the 9 essential amino acids). It also has 95 nutrients and 46…

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cannabis plant

Know Your CBD: The Big Picture

These days everyone’s talking about cannabis, marijuana, hemp and CBD. If you believe all the hype, cannabis is a miracle plant that will cure everything from stress headaches to cancer.

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Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

Recent research shows that hemp protein powders have important nutritional benefits for vegans and those who follow a predominantly plant-based diet. They’re also great for people whose diets aren’t quite as good as they should be.

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